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The Culture Code BOOK REVIEW

Why do some teams deliver performances exponentially better than the sum of their counterparts, while other teams add up to be much less? How can one build teams that seamlessly collaborate and act like a single hive-mind? The answer lies in group culture.New York Times bestselling author Danny Coyle unlocks the secrets of highly effective group cultures by studying the finest teams across various industries in the world, including the Navy SEAL’s, Pixar Studios, and the San Antonio Spurs.The Culture Code presents the three most important master skills required to transform your organizational culture.

Dare to Lead BOOK REVIEW

SYNOPSIS What does it take to be a brave and courageous leader? How can emotional responses be channeled effectively in the workplace? Based on interviews with hundreds of global leaders, research professor Brené Brown – whose TED talk is one of the five most watched – summarizes the learnable skills that underpin daring leadership, and […]

Zero to One BOOK Summary

SYNOPSIS Tap into a new way of thinking about business and ambition by reading this book summary. Zero to One will challenge you to think for yourself on topics such as technology verus globalization, business monopolies versus competitive markets, and the mindset you really need to make a difference in the world. Learn from tech […]