After a near death experience with a Box Jellyfish, I realised that I had to do something meaningful with my life, which turned out for me to become and author and founder of the leadership company Centered  and the research and venture firm Future Center.

Before that, I studied Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, Design Thinking at Stanford, and a Master’s from the University of Nottingham, became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, supported the UK Consulate initiative GBx, practiced two years of mindfulness with a Burmese Monk, and completed Kundalini Yoga introspection courses at an Indian Vedic temple.

I have recently hosted workshops at Stanford and U.K.T.I. initiatives (attended by C-suite from J.P. Morgan, Stanford, Kissinger Assoc, Apple et al). I have hosted senior members of the UK Cabinet, along with coaching clients from Fortune 100’s, and even, royalty. I have found living in London, Rome, NY, Sydney, LA, Frankfurt, and Palo Alto has played an important role in who I am today.

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is based on the inter-connectedness of human condition in commercial, economic, and politics endeavours and the significance of honest and empathetic communication and the courage to face the future and deal with:

  • The persistence of predatory behaviour, by “Beware of false profits/prophets”.
  • The interconnectedness of cause and effect in our actions on the world around us: “Each second is a note in the symphony of your life”.
  • The important to create and design new habits: “Sweep away cliche like the autumn leaves”.
  • The value of inter-connectedness in our identities: “In harmony we speak with one voice”.
  • The tenet that at one point an individual, group or community can gain insight into their habitual action and choose to create a new future expressed in the maxim: “Resolve to evolve”.